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Unione CUBO is an electric neuro-stimulator that transmits a regulated current to the brain. The concept of transcranial Electrical Stimulation (tES) is that the current coursing through the brain changes the excitation levels of the neurons. The current running through the brain is substantially smaller than the usual current, and it does not cause the cells to fire, but it does make certain neurons more sensitive, depending on the settings applied. It is essential to abide by the recommended levels of current intensity, current duration, and electrode placement. When the correct settings are used, adjusting the neuron’s excitation levels can cause substantial improvements in cognitive abilities.

The impact of tDCS relies upon the arrangement and polarity of the electrodes. When the electrodes are set on the shoulder or arm, the accurate area is less significant than when put on the head, as long as the correct arm/shoulder is utilized (i.e. left or right).


tDCS is a procedure that applies a continuous current over a set period of time. It begins with a gradual build-up of current at a rate of 0.1mA/s until the desired current is reached. When the session is completed, the current will be reduced in the same fashion.


tACS with a rippling frequency alteration is a distinctive stimulation method offered solely by Foc.us. This dynamic tACS mode encourages and increases brain oscillations. The power, strength, and gradient of the alteration can be chosen.


tPCS has been shown to increase inter-hemispheric coherence of brain oscillatory activity, mainly in fronto-temporal regions, leading to the enhancement of functional connectivity across neural networks. The question is whether tPCS can modulate behavior significantly.


In case you are not satisfied with the results of your stimulation, you can simply open the lid and customize your Unione CUBO based on our tutorials and/or your own decision.






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