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Brain stimulation and how to achieve the best performance!


Brain stimulation and how to achieve the best performance!

Ever since we were born, we’ve been trying to develop, be better, move forward, overcome boundaries, and we don’t always succeed. But humanity clearly shows the vision that the stronger we are, the easier we can fulfill higher goals. For comparison, let’s look at the time of the best marathon runner 100 years ago, which is up to 33 minutes worse than the current one. In this way, we can estimate that people will continue to try to surpass the limits set in the past and will thus have to face new difficulties, start earlier, improve their diet, improve their sleep, improve their preparation and break any biological limits with the ability to prevent injuries, aging, and many diseases.

How does this all relate to a brain stimulation device?

Step by step we are getting closer to our perfection. It takes a long time before a person can find the best combination for their development, but the result always speaks of the superiority of effort. In this case, it is enough to imagine that a small constant activity can bring you grandiose results. So what does this mean for me? For a more detailed explanation, it is enough for me to define the device as such and its effect on the neurons in the brain.

Electronic stimulation in the form of 1-4mA (The value at which oxygen and blood flow in the brain together with more proactive work of neurons is very beneficial for our performance. It is not only an assumption but also a scientifically proven fact that the brain is oxygenated at the highest activity and neurons have smaller gaps. This way they can connect with each other with smaller problems. As a result, we arrive at answers faster and manage to retain them for a longer period of time.

Stimulation can also be magnetic and in that case, the organism is harmonized where magnetic waves affect the brain as a way of grounding the physical body.

But the most important fact remains that all devices are verified both medically and from the point of view of army research where, among other things, it is also proactively used in the case of pilots, front line, and snipers to increase calmness, attention, and endurance even in stages without sleep. Research has been going on for over 100 years. Thanks to this, we can accurately provide safe data.

So why should I consider using the device?

The device for brain stimulation can be used for many activities as it provides the wearer with the ability to acquire knowledge, express their thoughts and transfer them into creative forms and expand their perception of reality a little more with each day of use. It’s very simple, as long as you reach for the right device, you just need to put the headband on your head, start it and enjoy 20 minutes of weak stimulation, thanks to which you will be happy for the next 4-6 hours to perform one activity with full attention.

This is due to the fact that our brain itself produces an electric discharge by moving stimuli through the nervous system and is limited to a certain power. Unless it is properly oxygenated and supplied with blood, its activity is limited. But the advantage is that the process can be done the other way around. Through a small to insignificant current to a specific part of the brain, its functionality will increase and thanks to this we are able to perform any activity a little better. The only thing we will have to adjust is the position of the electrodes on our head according to specific goals. Even the most modern devices still manage this with difficulty, and it is precisely Unione tdcs that will eventually come to the market with an ultimate version that will make even the most difficult targets a piece of cake.

Which features should be considered when choosing a device?

The devices, as well as the positions on the head, have different characteristics that distinguish them. Some devices have the skill to create a harmonious environment in people’s lives. These are precisely magnetic-based devices, while others bring better quality sleep or concentration through either a combination of electrical and magnetic energy or purely electrical impulses. Some devices may extend their offer with a few other functions such as an oscillator or the ability to play audio.

Where can I buy the device?

When it comes to the ability to purchase the device in question, there are many opportunities, and one of them is right here. In a few months, our Unione tDCS device will surface and you will be there as we present it all. Together with the presentation, we offer supplier discounts on the best products on the market, such as Focus, Neorhythm, or Flow, which thanks to us you can try in full flow and buy from a verified seller.


I believe that this short article about the use of brain stimulation devices has convinced you about your own choice to purchase a device and that thanks to it I have convinced you to give this device a chance and that together we will look at many devices that we will test thanks to this channel.

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