When it comes to the tDCS device, most people live under the fond assumption that the device needs professional equipment for production or that I have to buy the device outright in order to try this activity more closely. But that is not true at all, in fact, it is enough if you follow the procedure from this video and text. So let’s get down to it.

Shopping list

Predtým ako sa vrhneme do tvorby tDCS zariadenia sa poďme pozrieť na náš nákupný zoznam.

1x Soldering Gun (link)

2x Electroldes for stimulation (link)

1x Headband (link)

1x Soldering Tin (link)

1x Prototyping board 4x4cm+ (link)

1x batéria a káble od batérie (link + connector cables)

1x Switch (or button) (link)

1x káble (Červený a čierny) (link)

1x Trimer 100Ω (link)

1x LED dióda (link)

1x Output (Svorkovnica) (link)

1x Rezistor 470Ω (link)

1x Rezistor 33Ω (link)

And what do I do with it now?!

Now when you’ve bought everything off of the list, you can also 3D print yourself an enclosure like this one which you can get printed for 5$ and use this device every single day for about 20 minutes to see evident results.


So if you have decided to go down this path, you must be careful not to spoil any parts of this story and to know how to realistically build a device that will make you feel a little better!

In case of any questions, contact the contacts and contact us if you happen to be unable to do something.

Patrik Šlachta
Patrik Šlachta

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