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This technology will be what moves the world forward and that is the oath of the future that I stand behind! 

Since then, I have had give or take 10 prototypes, about 3 fully functional devices, a 3-month experience with magnetic stimulation in two forms that can completely change your horizons, audio stimulants, that in the right combination, can evoke a whole range of feelings in you and this transferred to the most perfect version that will come out and that will be tested by the most difficult certifications and human conditions. A legend that surpasses Slovak ESET, Baťa, Czech Škoda and Rohlik and will soon be on the market.


Our expected timeline based on our current situation. These numbers were created from a realistic approach and are expected to be hit with ease.

We make sure that we bring the best device to the market by making sure all the used material, all the parts and the software are the best
Our devices are openly tested already but for them to be perfect, we make sure they are tested pre-certification in professional laboratories.
For us to sell our device to the elderly, we truly need to make sure that everything is cleared by FDA and patented before your everyday use.
We go ahead and manufacture our product freely together with our dropshipping companies, influencers and sales team ready to take off.



Our latest device is called Ada and we believe that it makes your world a little better. It stimulates your brain preventing multiple diseases. It makes sure to prevent Alzheimer & Dementia spreading. It gives you a Depression release with results reaching all the way to 90% in efficiency of treatment, it takes care of your ADHD with more than 90% in efficency of treatment and finally it makes up for an Addiction release with more than 70% efficiency in all people.





Target groups


We target seniors by giving them a chance to prevent Alzheimer & Dementia. This is combined by improvement in learning & mental health. This way we can see results ranging all the way to 200%+ in learning & overall mental health..

People with brain disorders

ADHD, Schizophrenia and Depression are all brain diseases that can be curable under the right conditions. In case of brain-stimulation we are looking at results ranging all the way to 90%+ .



With tDCS you can simply enjoy an addiction-less life, you have 73%+ success rate in addiction treatment. This is all combined wih better overall mental health thus the user can happily get back to life.


Yes, there have been more than 1,000 subjects under brain-stimulation treatment with tDCS devices involved and study has turned out with higher safety ratings than almost any medical instrument in history. This shows us the safety of the device and benefits. You can read more over at PubMed.

You can stimulate each and every part of the brain for success. This way you can select more than 72 positions all around the head for brain-stimulation. All of them have different effects on your mental health and/or behavior.

There are more than 100 different forms of brain-stimulation with tES being the dominant player in effectiveness, next up is PEMF of pulsed electromagnetic field which is less effective on the cognitive functions and more oriented on the Lucid, Astral and Spiritual experiences and was firstly studied by Persinger who came up with this innovative solution and we can only continue to CES or Cerebral Electrical Stimulation, Vagus Nerve Stimultion, Brainwave Generators and Audio-Visual Entertainment (AVE) devices. There are also implants and audial stimulation with 8D, Lo-Fi Audio and many others. 

Yes, there are multiple devices already certified by both FDA and EMA and the device is classified under Class IIa medical devices which means it is classified under clinical psychology, neuroscience and innovative technology and can be safely used for everyday function.





HUGO is a medical device that stimulates neurons by slight impulses made through a specific position on your skull.

We combine 4 different technologies to bring you into different states of mind within a few minutes-long meditations. Effects are long-lasting.

Studies have shown no negative effects on health within the metrics used in ASTRA over a long period of time while they have proven the benefits of using this technology on numerous devices including military research documents.

tDCS, tACS, tPCS are all used to stimulate neurons in our brain and thus effectively put you into the desired state of mind.

Bone Conduction is, on the other hand, used to bring you into a comfortable state while amplifying the effect of tDCS, tACS, TES.

About Us

Our team

On the course of making this device ready, we acquired help from more than 200 specialists and/or University Professors and Private researchers. They are the ones standing behind our technology hoping to move it further so that we become the best version of ourselves one day. Our goal is to perfect the human race no matter the genetical code transforming every cell to perfection by our technology. 

Patrik Šlachta

Operational Director

pan teplan
Mgr. Michal Teplan PhD.

Senior Researcher

Javier Coronel Gaviro

Research Institute Owner


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